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Longtu Dinosaur Art

5 Meters Animatronic Dragon

5 Meters Animatronic Dragon

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This Animatronic dragon is simply stunning! It perfectly restores the mighty image of the European dragon. Its huge body, strong limbs, and sharp claws all demonstrate its powerful power.

When you look at it, you seem to feel its ancient and mysterious atmosphere, and you seem to hear its low roar. It is a simulation work of great artistic value, which can make people feel the charm and majesty of the European dragon. Do you like this animatronic dragon?

We added a red light source to the mouth of this 5-meter animatronic dragon to simulate the effect of breathing fire. 

Movements: mouth, head, neck, wings, forelimbs, tail.

Sound: dragon's roaring and breathing.

Power: 110V/220V/240V.

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